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What We Do

Free Career Counselling Upto PG

Expert counselors within the organization offer personalized one-on-one counseling sessions to students who are interested in exploring and discussing their career aspirations.

Admission Guidelines

Our consultancy provides comprehensive guidance on MBBS admission guidelines, assisting aspiring students in navigating the application process for medical school.

University Selection

Our consultancy specializes in aiding students with MBBS university selection, ensuring informed decisions aligned with their academic and career objectives.


Our consultancy streamlines the MBBS university documentation process, offering expert assistance to students in compiling and organizing required documents for a smooth application journey.

Visa & Travel

Our consultancy facilitates seamless study abroad MBBS experiences by providing comprehensive support in visa processing and travel arrangements.

Accommodation & Briefings

Our consultancy ensures a comfortable transition for study abroad MBBS students by offering assistance in securing suitable accommodations and providing informative briefings on the destination.